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You, me and a cup of tea.

Whether this is your first visit to my site, or you’re a returning visitor, I’d like to introduce myself. I am a down to earth Tarot Card Reader who believes in the transformative powers of a good chat with a friend over a cup of tea, add tarot cards into that situation and you have all that you need to unpick a problem.

I'm a wife and a mother to two young men. As with most women my responsibilities stretch to fill as many hours as I have. Sometimes this is great but there are times when it can feel overwhelming. I started reading cards for myself to find some answers and found it to be a way of learning so much about myself. It's been hugely empowering to build on my self-worth and acceptance of my whole self. I can work through problems at my own pace, gently uncovering any issues and gained so much confidence in my own wisdom. I'd love everyone to come to know how valuable tarot can be as a tool of self-discovery. Having benefitted from using the tarot I've a passionate desire to share this gentle method with others.

Who is this for?

Supported and purposeful conversations.

You might be a wife, daughter, mother, employee, manager or all of them.

When you consistently put everyones needs before your own, it's easy to

lose yourself a little.

You become defined by the role you play in relation to others.


But, who are you?

What do you need?

What do you want?

Who looks after you?


If you're stuck in a rut, treading water, struggling to make a decision and making little to no progress or just losing sense of yourself this is for you. If you are not ready to spend out big money for a course of coaching sessions but like the idea of a holistic method that empowers you to help yourself this is it. Tarot prompts give you a framework for your thinking.

Are you ready to do some thinking? You, me and cup of tea!

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Experience Sophie Dyer
Thinking Partnership

Purposeful, supported conversations

An opportunity to chat in in confidence to a friendly and compassionate listener. Crikey! Can you imagine that? Someone who will put your needs first!

The focus of the conversation is always on a positive outcome. The tarot cards work as prompts to give a framework to your thinking. You'll be supported through your thinking process at your own pace to find your own solutions. This method starts with where you are at right now and is forward focused to help you move towards your goals with surety and confidence. With tarot prompts you learn to trust your own intuition and inner guidance. You are the expert on what is best for you. We gently take this journey together, one step at a time.

After our hour's session I'll send you brief notes to keep as a reminder of realisations, decisions made or cautions. It's a cribsheet to keep close to hand. 

Tarot card reading - 90 minutes dedicated to you.

You choose the topic and we deep dive into your feelings,

concerns and challenges around it with positive actionable 

steps for moving forward. Face to Face or online delivery.

£65 - includes detailed follow up notes with suggested actions

for you to keep.

Plan Ahead spread - 12 card spread

A card per month to use as a theme for the month.

We'll consider how that fits in to your next few months, taking note of big

events in your home, work, social life, family etc. With notes to refer back to with suggested supporting activities and an option to follow up through the year. Allow 90 minutes for this session.

£55 - inclusive of notes.

New for 2024! - Entrepreneurs Business Brainstorm and Review.

Step away from your to-do list, lift your head up from the screen. This is time to think and work on your business - strategically.

This is your session so you choose the focus. We can get back to basics and revisit your business values and goals, great if you're feeling a little lost or uninspired.

We can brainstorm ways to work strategically, commercially and in alignment with your values.

If you're full of ideas I can hear you and reflect back to you your game plan for the coming months.

Whichever way you choose to go, we'll throw tarot cards into the mix to shake out extra inspiration and add gentle challenge. and I'll follow up the session with a written record of the discussion in a way that promotes positive forward momentum.

In person only (within 45 minutes of LE12) approx. 2.5 hrs session - lets involve tea and cake too!

£125 - inclusive of notes

Conversation between Colleagues

"Sophie is intuitive but also very practical, and it's this balanced approach that I really responded to."

Fi Campos

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