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Let's unleash your team's creativity in a whole new way!


Are you tired of getting stuck in the never-ending cycle of firefighting and mundane tasks? It's easy to lose sight of your strategic vision and long-term goals when you're constantly caught up in the day-to-day grind. And let's be honest, finding the time and energy to motivate your team can feel like an impossible task.


But here's the exciting part: just imagine a team that's not only fired up but fully invested in working together towards goals that align with your company's values and drive you closer to that long-term vision. Sounds incredible, doesn't it?

Well, guess what? I'm here to help you turn that vision into a tangible achievement.


I’m a thinking partner—and I like to do things differently. I specialize in tailored business brainstorming sessions designed exclusively for you. My goal is to support your team in finding clarity amidst current challenges and uncovering new opportunities. Together, we'll reestablish your core values and empower you to discover a fresh direction for your organization.


In our sessions, we won't just follow a rigid agenda. We'll collaborate and set the path forward together. I'll create an environment that sparks productive thinking, providing just the right amount of structure. And to add an exciting twist, I'll introduce thinking prompts that will shake up old patterns and ignite new, exhilarating ideas.


Now, let's break free from the office and step into a whole new world of creativity. Picture this: we'll meet in a pub—a relaxed and playful setting that fosters freedom of thought and ignites creativity. It's time to escape from constant calls and emails, and embrace a fresh perspective.


I believe that innovation and experimentation are essential for transforming stagnant businesses into dynamic ones. That's why I bring randomly generated thinking prompts from the tarot deck into the mix. These cards represent the entire spectrum of the human experience—they're not just simple keywords. They're packed with layers of meaning and captivating imagery that will unlock new pathways in your thinking, leading to fresh and ground breaking ideas.


Are you ready to get your team on board and fired up? The best part is, you don't need a huge budget. From just £500, you can bring together a group of 2-6 people and experience this transformative and fun session. I've already prepared a comfortable and private space for you in a pub, complete with catering to keep those brilliant brains fuelled!


I understand that you might have questions or want to chat before taking the plunge. That's why I offer a free, no-obligation call. It's an opportunity for us to connect, discuss your specific needs, and see if we're the right fit for each other. No pressure, just a friendly conversation to ensure we're aligned on this exciting journey.


So, what are you waiting for? Let's make your strategic vision and a highly motivated team a reality. Book your session today and let's embark on this exhilarating journey together. Simply click here to get started.

Thinking Partners— creative thinking meets real results. Let's unlock the potential of your team together!

Colleagues Working Together

''Sophie is excellent at helping to bring clarity when you're confounded in a maze of choices that you can't see your way out of. Analysis paralysis is fatal to a business of any size. Sophie's down-to-earth, friendly approach helps you evaluate which ideas have legs and which don't, but more than that, she helps you uncover new ideas altogether.

When resistance arises to any idea, she talks it through with you to help you work out what the underlying source of the resistance is: is it really the surface thought, or is there a deep-seated fear that's holding you back?

Sophie builds rapport and trust easily and quickly, which is vital for this type of work. Just as a doctor cannot treat you effectively if you don't tell them the whole truth, brainstorming business ideas and solutions is most effective when you're able to be completely open and honest about everything going into those problems and solutions. Sophie doesn't judge; she helps you find a way through regardless.

Her notes are excellent - I do wish I'd have known ahead of time how great they would be, and then I wouldn't have bothered taking any notes myself. Trust her to keep track of the ideas, and let yourself get lost in the flow of ideas; you will have a better brainstorming session that way. They will be very useful to refer back to after the session. I suggest checking in with them when you do your business strategic planning and review, probably monthly. And then you'll want to see her again quarterly!

Using tarot cards as flash cards to prompt ideas and discussion is an ingenious way to bring in fresh, new ideas. When you've been circling around a problem for ages, you end up with the same neurons firing off the same thoughts over and over again, getting nowhere. Tarot cards are richly illustrated with layers of meanings, so each one can prompt several new ideas to break you out of that rut. She doesn't use them as fortune telling, to be clear: she's deeply versed in the meanings, but she's using them to prompt ideas and discussion.

You are the expert on your own business. Sophie is brilliant at helping you see it from a different perspective to brainstorm new ideas, or solutions to problems, then talking those through to keep what looks promising and discard the rest. Book today, you won't regret it!''

Sara - Jayne Slocombe

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