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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between tarot and oracle cards?

A traditional tarot deck always has 78 cards. It’s really 2 decks together: The major arcana – 22 cards and the minor arcana – 56 cards split between the 4 suits of swords, cups, wands and pentacles. The traditional meanings remain the same across different decks with subtle nuances.

Oracle card decks can have any number of cards and may or may not have suits. To understand the meanings ascribed to each card, the creator will provide a guidebook.


Is tarot only for telling the future?

No! Tarot and oracle cards are a very useful tool in personal development. They can be used to disrupt negative patterns of thinking and offer up a new train of thought. Consider them a method of looking more deeply at the present and therefore you have more chance of anticipating future possibilities/consequences.


Is belief in a higher power required?

Absolutely not. Tarot in itself is not religious or tied to any particular religious practice. You can have any faith or none to enjoy using tarot. Using a tool to learn more about yourself and grow towards your full potential is an innate human desire.


Is it legal?

Yes! I am such a stickler for the rules that you won’t find me parking even 2 inches over double yellow lines. So, I can assure you that I would not be working with tarot if it contravened any rules or laws.

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