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What do my clients say ...

A love letter
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Zena H

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Sophie is friendly, energetic and made me feel very comfortable during the reading. She explained confidently the cards that came out, which aligned with the query I wanted to focus on. Everything made sense to me and I was really pleased. Thank you! x

Sian Wilson

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Chakra balance spread

A unique method of reading tarot which incorporates dowsing to assess the chakras and then aligning each chakra to a tarot card. The accuracy and information was very informative to my current situation and gave insight into situations that are currently happening in my life and directions I could now consider.


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Thank you for this morning. I’ve actually come away with quite a lot from that reading. It’s almost been a bit of an epiphany. I’m going to conquer the world (at least for today, anyway). It certainly made me look at my relationship with myself.

Charr B

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Sophie was really welcoming, calm and created a comfortable environment. 

Sophie engaged throughout, discussing each aspect of my reading, following this up with a write up of each card.

Highly recommend!!

Anna W-E

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Sophie's first reading helped me focus on the year ahead at an unsettling time of change. I am looking forward to regularly having a reading with Sophie - highly recommend!

Fi Campos

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Sophie is pragmatic, thorough, analytical and can read between the lines so easily. What she had to say was so insightful and I really enjoyed the tarot reading experience with her. I love how she's intuitive but also practical, and it's this balanced approach that I really responded to.

Would highly recommend chatting with Sophie for anyone feeling a little 'stuck'.

Jen Thomas

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As a highly intuitive person and coach myself, I am only guided to work with a few special people. I'm delighted the universe connected me with Sophie! Sophie held really safe and expansive space for me to explore a few issues lying just underneath the surface. With some expertly placed questions and guidance I was able to find the hidden nugget that has been holding me back! Such a powerful experience and I would highly recommend Sophie to work with on an intuitive, professional and caring level!

Kathryn B

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I don't consider myself to be particularly 'woo' at all, but when Sophie described what she does as 'tarot for logical thinkers', I was intrigued. Having the session itself was fascinating from start to finish; insightful, absorbing and made entirely comfortable by Sophie's knowledge, and down to earth nature. The follow-up notes provided by Sophie have been an excellent aide memoire -  I would absolutely highly recommend it.

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