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Secret wisdom club - now open!

A peek behind the curtain.

The High Priestess – what do you think when you see her? Does she appear to remind you to tap into your intuition and inner wisdom? Or is it when you feel most in need of a teacher?

I hold my hands up and admit that she is my favourite card in the deck for the simple reason that she seems to me to epitomise the very essence of tarot. The esoteric nature, the layered or hidden meanings and the feminine ‘witchy’ vibe. She has some commonality with the Empress, the Hierophant, The Hermit and the Moon and yet is firmly and unequivocally herself.

Consider the appearance of the High Priestess as an invitation to listen to your intuition. When your spidey sense is tingling for no logical reason (that you know of) don’t discount it. We don’t always need to lean on the rational and logical. Those instincts are there for a reason. You might not understand why you feel strongly that you should or shouldn’t take an action, talk to a friend, or get out of a situation but is that really so peculiar? Our brains are processing the vast amount of information taken in by our senses every moment, way more data than we are consciously aware of, and processed at lightning speed on automatic pilot while you talk, eat, walk, drive etc. We are supercomputers and yet, it feels like magic! This is not about excluding rational evidence and throwing yourself full on into the ‘woo’. Instead it is about allowing all your senses a voice when it comes to making decisions.

The High Priestess sits as the gatekeeper to your sub conscious. Would you like to know more? Would you like to see behind the veil? The other realm that she refers to is your own inner wisdom. Accessed through slowing down, quieting outside opinions and voices so that you can tune in to your own thoughts, feelings and values.

How can you access your inner wisdom?

-            For many people, meditation is the go-to option when trying to quieten external distraction in order to make decisions or ‘hear’ themselves.

-            Journaling is a fabulous way to challenge yourself to think a little more and a little deeper around topics of your choosing.

-            For me, I choose to have a question or situation in mind then turn a tarot card and journal on the questions that then present themselves from the card name, imagery and meanings. It combines a meditative practice with a visual storytelling tradition and the discipline of writing out any issues until they make sense and I find clarity, solace, solutions or new ideas.

In recognition of The High Priestess as a spiritual teacher and gatekeeper to hidden knowledge, I’ll be presenting a course demonstrating how to use tarot in an uncomplicated way to support your personal self-development and exploration. Keep an eye on my website for further details.

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