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What are you refusing to see?

The gloves are off this month as the 2 of swords has a message for you and it might not be easy to hear.

This card usually pictures a woman seated and blindfolded holding up two swords crossed in front of her. Even at first glance you can sense her discomfort. The blindfold references her refusal to see the truth of a situation and recognise or address her feelings. She denies herself any self expression and refuses to see anyone else’s point of view either. The duality of the number two may indicate balance and collaboration in other suits but here it nods to the tension of being pulled in two directions and forced to choose between them. Possibly choosing between what your heart wants and what your head thinks. The crossed swords, blades pointed upwards hold back the future for as long as she can hold them! Her defensive posture and refusal to see blocks everyone out even those who might help her.

How might this be showing up for us this month?

Procrastinating over making a decision. Telling yourself that you are too busy to think about it right now. Being unwilling to choose between two options. Biting your tongue and gritting your teeth. Avoiding people in case they voice an opinion. Having only superficial conversations, not allowing anyone to get close or touch a nerve.

Do you hope that if you stay like this for long enough then the problem will magically disappear or someone will swoop in and make the decision for you? Are you trying to protect yourself by staying blind and by not committing? Does it feel safer to stay where you are?

But, gosh it’s exhausting. Keeping people out, avoiding the painful emotions or over thinking. And, unfortunately, if you remain in this position of stalemate and unwillingness to commit then the likely result is moving into the heartache of the next card in the suit, the 3 of swords.

What are you actually protecting here? Your heart of course. All decisions have a consequence and we’re frightened of choosing the wrong way and being left with less, or hurting someone.

What can we do about it?

It’s time to be your own best friend! Consider asking and answering these questions out loud as if in conversation with a friend and remember to be tender and respectful as you would with a friend.

Is this decision really as important as you think? Will it still matter in 5 years time?

Are the 2 choices mutually exclusive? If you choose one will you really lose any chance of the other forever?

Could there be a third option?

Can you name which emotion is behind this paralysis?

Face your fears (with professional support if necessary) in order to make forward progress,

Write out the pros and cons of each option. Getting it out of your head and laid out before you can bring clarity and show the best course of action.

Consider giving yourself a deadline and accountability.

I have a couple of things that I’m now aware I’ve been putting off, the first because I don’t want to let someone down and the second due to a fear of looking foolish. Neither will improve by ignoring them so my first priority this month is to take action on these issues. Without worrying about them any longer I can free up my brain for something more productive and fun.

I hope you all have a wonderful September and I look forward to hearing how you get on.

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