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August Card of the Month - 4 of swords

Keyword: REST

Perfect for August when many people are jetting off for a week on a sun lounger!

This card might show up for you when you are feeling low on energy (yup, that’s me!) or exhausted after a time of stress or struggle. This instruction to rest can be much needed giving you time to think, take stock and recharge your batteries.

Swords often represent challenges or confrontation but the 4 of swords is a rest from the conflict indicating that now is not the time to make a stand and argue your case but instead take a step back to think things through rather than reacting. This card is neutral, no conflict, no struggle and no passion. That neutrality can only come when we take a step back from busy-ness and other people to spend some time alone. Take advantage of the medicinal properties of solitude by going deep and allowing yourself to be transformed. Come back to yourself, relearn your truth and strengths and practice self care instead of seeking comfort or validation from others.

Let’s look at how this might be achievable if you haven’t booked an all-inclusive week in Costa del relaxo. In what ways can you nourish yourself? Perhaps take a break, pace yourself, hydrate better, make food that feeds your soul as well as your body, have early nights, take time in nature, try walking, yoga or massage. If you are ready to do the deeper work consider meditation, breathwork and journaling.

Our job this month is to rest and rejuvenate before returning to the world stronger and more self-aware. Enjoy!

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