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Best Mum Ever!!

Queen of cups

The queens are nurturers. They represent the energy of taking care of others and they show this through the energy of their suit. To nurture means to take care of someone/thing while it grows and in the case of the queen of cups she is interested in taking care of and nurturing your emotional well being.

She is the mum you run to with a bumped head or grazed knee for reassurance. The one you admit exam nerves to or tell your sadness to after a breakup. When the little person inside you stamps their foot and shouts ‘I want my mummy’ this is who you are thinking of.

She is the mummy! Parenting is her superpower.

Cups are linked to the element of water and just as water can be as still and calm as a mill pond or as turbulent as a stormy sea so can our emotions. At best, this queen can be the calm and gentleness to soothe your frayed nerves but if she loses herself she can drown in her own emotions. As a sensitive soul she can take things to heart, feel other people’s pain keenly or get drawn into their negativity.

Boundaries must be drawn. Be aware of whether you are denying your own needs in order to serve others? If you are often supporting others do you have someone to turn to who can give you some support also? Sometimes the best support is not a solution but companionship while you process tricky feelings. It’s enough to sit with someone and be patient with them while they simply feel.

Can you mother your own inner child? Are there some feelings that need to be acknowledged and understood before you can put them to rest and move on?

Practice naming whatever emotion you feel and sitting with it a little longer before you try to ‘fix’ it.


I act with love, being aware of the needs of others.

I am grateful that I have someone who will listen to me when I ask.

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