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Celebrate good times!

A question for you - When you succeed, who do you tell? Who are the people you pick up the phone to or rush to see and share your good news?

The 3 of cups highlights the exuberant celebrating you can do with your cheerleaders. No, not literal pom pom waving, high kicking college girls. I mean your besties who will be so pleased for you that they are ready to break out the fizz and do a happy dance with you. Those buddies who will seize the moment to big you up, pat you on the back and tell the world how awesome you are.

Whether it’s a job promotion, you lost 5lbs, your toddler slept through the night or you scored a client that would have been out of your reach a year ago. To have people who are pleased for us without jealousy, celebrate without reserve and compliment us with genuine delight means the world.

It’s amazing if friends will rally round when you need them in a crisis but this card flags up the importance of coming together to celebrate success. Raising each other up, applauding and commemorating wins.

These friendships are separate from family ties and commitments to a partner but no less important. They are pure gold and deserve tending and nurturing.

So, with this in mind here are a few questions to ponder:

Who is in your corner to celebrate the good times?

Under what circumstances have you made good friendships?

Where could you make new personal friendships?

Are you looking after work connections and building solid relationships for work support?

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