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How woo are you?

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

I’ve been pondering this today as I watched a talk given by business women Lauren Hughes of Affinity Women’s Networking and Jen Thomas, founder of Soulpreneur Sanctuary. They are embracing their love of all things spiritual and talking openly about it.

Now, I’m fascinated by esoteric stuff, I’m a tarot card reader after all. I have been interested in witchy things since forever and my bedtime reading is firmly in the sci-f, fantasy and fairy tale genres. But I don’t think of myself as a woo person.

Those ‘woo woo’ types are all patchouli oil, loads of silver rings, floaty scarves and goth eye makeup aren’t they? Don’t you need to have a breathy voice, a faraway look in your eye and get psychic messages? That’s not me at all! I live in my blue jeans, like to be surrounded by bright spring colours and if I have a faraway look in my eyes I’m just trying to remember what I walked into the kitchen for.

And yet…..

I can’t keep away from woo! It’s right there in my choice of books, TV, art and podcasts. The learning I choose to do, the people who I want to spend time with and the work I love to do. I am after all a professional tarot card reader, practising dowser, reiki practitioner who can whip you up a suitable essential oil blend to soothe stress or haemorrhoids (not in the same bottle) while teaching you a grounding exercise to help balance your chakras.

So back to the original question, how woo are you? Are you a toe in the water type or fully immersed? It came to me all of a sudden that I’m definitely more woo than your average bod on the street and on the toe to head scale I’ve paddled in right up to my nipples!

For more info on the work of these lovely women go to: – Lauren D Hughes

To book a reading with me (with a degree of woo included) and click Book Now.

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