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Is the Queen of swords the patron saint of mid-life women?

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Card of the month November 2022 – Queen of Swords

The queen of swords has the reputation of being astute but aloof. Let’s look a little deeper.

The suits of swords concerns itself with logic and reason and intellect, and Queens can nurture us. The queen’s sword cuts through falsehood to find the truth, values honesty to the point of bluntness and this blade can oftentimes be directed inwards. It’s double edged!

The queen of swords is quick witted and lively company, very astute, no nonsense and unpretentious. She might be judgemental of others choices if she sees it as unnecessary frippery or excess. Equally that judgemental attitude can present as perfectionist traits in herself that are hard to live up to. Given her analytical skills she can be enormously capable and self sufficient and so we have a person who can be busy juggling many projects, full of ideas, doing everything for everyone, volunteering and championing others or someone who looks out for number one, controlling, spiteful, impossibly exacting standards, believing they are the only one who can do a particular task and feeling martyred. I recognise myself in both those people, sometimes swinging from one attitude to the other in the same day.

But, under these headline characteristics, there is something very exciting about the queen of swords. Something that will ring true with women over 40! From last months message from the 6 of swords we have learned to accept that past challenges stay with us in our memories and make up the rich tapestry of who we are. This queen has survived all the challenges and grief of the suit of swords. But here she sits on her high throne crowned with butterflies to represent transformation. Now, we get to receive the treasure that comes with age, experience and learning through living. Knowledge and discernment. We are capable of making wise choices for ourselves.

Things to consider this month:

Do you have a wise woman or mentor to learn from?

Have you come into your wise woman power yet?

Do you hold yourself to impossibly high standards or deadlines?


I am grateful for people in my life who can be honest with me.

I will consider advice given to me even if it seems harsh.

I am capable and intelligent and can find my own solutions.

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