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July 2022 - 3 of wands - card of the month

Updated: Jul 10, 2022


Here we are half-way through the year already! How are things going for you? Are you on track for where you wanted to be?

I pulled the cards for the whole year way back in the first week of the year and yet when I come to look closely, I see the perfect card in place for right now. Let’s take a deep dive into what the 3 of cards represents and how that can be instructional for us this month.

The key word here is expansion. Wands are linked to the element of fire and therefore action. Don’t be misled by the stationary pose of the figure on this card he is by no means passive. There is a calculating side to him, he is actively planning his next steps. It’s dynamic thinking. His positioning allows us to share his viewpoint of looking outward over a great distance, no burying his head in the sand for this guy, he looks up and out to research and find information and evidence. Different decks illustrate their cards in different ways, but he is often pictured angled slightly to the right looking not just at the present situation but also into his future. And the view in front of us, what does that tell us? The 3 sailing vessels in view could be his. To me he is a business owner surveying what he has in play at present. Checking out whether his operating procedures are fit for purpose. Casting a keen eye to look for areas on which to improve. But also, he is looking into the future he dreams of. Maybe at present only one of those ships is his and the other two are his intentional plan for the future and we are witnessing his strong visioning of how he wants to move forward.

Let’s be clear this is not imagining your future from a cold start. Some progress and success have already been made, evidenced by the good clothes and the 2 wands planted solidly behind him, he has built good foundations from which to move forward. At this point of looking forward he has a clear view and the foresight to plan for rougher times. We know that it isn’t always plain sailing for anyone and that gets factored into the planning at this point. So optimistic planning for broadening of horizons but with realism that it may take longer, cost more, need tweaking later.

The 3 of cards shows birds on some decks which at first glance can seem odd as they represent freedom and the element of air which is linked to swords the suit of mental agility and communication. But this fella is actively engaged with dynamic thinking and freedom will undoubtedly come with the business success our man is working towards.

How do we make use of the message from this card? Well, this month I’m trying to lift my head up from the daily grind of being parent taxi, sorting laundry, being available for elderly in-laws and the constant feeding everyone wants and putting time and effort into thinking where do I want to be at the end of this year? What steps do I need to get there? What progress have I already made that was super positive and I could do more of or scale up in some way? What didn’t work and how can I refine or remove that? I’m trying to get very clear on this so I can envision it so strongly that it feels ever so almost within my grasp as I know that when it is that clear then I’m so much more likely to reach my goal.

This is just one card out of 78 and they all have a message for us. When I work with clients with a specific question, we lay out a series of cards and get a bespoke framework for constructive thinking. If you like the idea of purposeful and supported thinking book in for a reading. If you’d like to chat a bit to find out more, please book in a 15-minute cuppa with me.

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