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Love in Action

Card of the month – January 2023

The knight of cups

I’m starting the year with an interesting card. Knights reference action in relation to the energy of the suit, so here we have action in emotion. The knight takes action to demonstrate his feelings.

Unfortunately, because the knights show the extremes of their suit, they can be a little unpredictable and not always think of the consequences of their actions. This can end up with the knight of cups wanting to rush in as an emotional rescuer or conversely sitting back passively wishing for someone to rescue them. We can see an extreme swing in emotion between ecstatic and melancholic with seemingly little time in between. He is drawn to beauty and can falling head over heels in love at first sight one moment and be crushed by disappointment the next when the object of his affections turns out to be humanly imperfect.

There are positives to take from this card though, if we temper the drama and extreme behaviour it is possible to show love through action in a more restrained and constant way. Consider the love of a parent or carer ensuring comfort and safety every day. You might consider evaluating the depth of a relationship by the effort and commitment to action over time rather than an unrealistic expectation of unbridled ecstasy at every moment. This works just as well for self care. The continued commitment to taking care of yourself even on days when you might have low confidence or be self critical. Love in action is a commitment to communication and connection.

With this in mind, this month I’m setting intentions to:

- make a conscious effort to see the beauty around me in nature and will wear colour everyday because it makes me feel happy.

- make life nicer for my beloveds with endless cups of tea and clean laundry.

- try harder to listen to others and ask them what they want rather than assuming I know.

- drink more water and do more stretching.

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