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Torvill and Dean not Sonny and Cher

I'm talking partnerships here. But particularly the harmonious, well balanced respectful type.

Our card of the month for June is the 2 of cups which in traditional readings will be a positive indicator for romantic relationships, possibly even hinting at engagement to formalise the success of a good match. Lets broaden our definition of relationships and partnerships here because the 2 of cups is not limited to romantic relationships but it does highlight the elements needed for a positive and productive relationship.

We see the man and woman on the card meeting as equals. No hierarchy here. This is different but equally valued energies joining together rather than exerting control or expectations upon each other. They exchange cups to symbolise the involvement of emotion, which are ever present for good interpersonal relations. The staff of caduceus (intertwined serpents) above their heads represents negotiation and trade as well as duality and healing so business partnerships are very much represented. The healing energy is about returning to a harmonious balance between two people or sides in a negotiation. Harmony, balance and kindness are necessary for relationships of all kinds to flourish.

In a creative partnership, consider this a marriage of minds, an alchemical merging and blending ensuring that the combined talents are greater than they would be individually. Creative partnerships can be incredibly inspiring.

What makes these relationships work? clear communication, co-operation, loyalty, sharing, consideration, respect and true love or affection.

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