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We all need a fresh start sometimes.

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Revisiting the 2 of swords.

Tarot can be a powerful teacher. September’s card of the month showed up to give me a lesson and I thought I’d listened. I opened my eyes to a couple of tasks that I was putting off and examined why, then committed to take action on them to get them off my worry list and out of my head freeing myself up for time for fun stuff.

However, here we are more than half way through the month and I’m exhausted. I made to do lists and worked harder. Harder but not smarter. Which results in the same energy just magnified. Head down, gritted teeth, pushing through, beating myself up when I don’t achieve what I set out to do and pushing people away because I haven’t the time or the energy for them.

Thankfully September is a month for fresh starts, back to school stationery and teenagers on their big adventure to university life, so I’m going to try my own fresh start.

I’m focusing on where I want to be and choosing the steps that will help me to make progress towards that vision. This should get rid of some unnecessary tasks and get me feeling more engaged and enthusiastic to do the important things. My to–do list is now I would like-to-do pinned up for inspiration not insistence. I’m scheduling in some fun things to look forward to and remembering that I need fresh air and exercise to feel energised. Bring on the dancing!!

Maybe one of the best things I did though, was to write a list of resources that are available to me to reach my goals. And do you know what? They are all people! People with knowledge to help me, courses I’ve bought from them, memberships they’ve invited me into, friends and family who can support me and have fun with me. I don’t have to do this alone!

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