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Who is the Knight of Wands and why is he dangerous?

The Knight of wands is brave, adventurous, enthusiastic and passionate. All positive attributes when you are considering a new venture. Bold, highly motivated, creative in his thinking and persuasive. But, a note of caution here, Knights can take the energy to the extreme where it is far less positive. It can then become recklessness, restlessness, impatience, volatile temper and unpredictable behaviour. The Knight of Wands can impulsively rush into situations without considering the consequences on himself and others around him who have to pick up the pieces.

Court cards in addition to illustrating an energy type also can represent a person involved in the situation. So when asking a question and having a court card show up, consider if this could be a family member, colleague or other person with an influence upon you at this time.

This card can represent the exciting lover who captivates you with his/her enthusiasm and lust for life only to drop you and move on without a backward glance. Alternatively this card can mirror your behaviour of starting 10 exciting new projects, involving people around you and then upon meeting your first obstacle letting it all grind to a halt. The sweet spot is in the middle, having the courage to take action now, start new projects and take new directions but maybe have a checklist so in your haste you don’t forget something important. Define your goal and use this determined energy to make progress towards it in tandem with being accountable to someone to make sure you don’t fizzle out and not finish what you started.

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