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'Why I started reading tarot for people' or 'Be your own coach'

My love of tarot started during a time when I felt stuck. I couldn’t seem to make any progress, just fell into day after day of the same old routine of being busy with stuff that filled the hours but didn’t light me up with excitement. It’s times like that when you can almost see your life sliding away without you making your mark.

When I came to tarot I discovered that rather than just being a tool for divination – tall dark handsome stranger, arriving next Thursday?? It could be of much more practical use. It could be used for self-analysis. I could choose a layout (spread) designed to ask deep and probing questions that would get to the heart of an issue and discover how I was in that situation, what my part was in getting to that place, how it was affecting me, where I could find support. It stopped the cycle of unanswered questions that you have when you worry away at something by yourself and gave me a much clearer picture of my role in the situation. It forced me to take responsibility for my part in getting stuck! For example; not having firm boundaries, taking on too much or not considering the consequences of hasty decisions. That may sound bleak but actually it was a huge positive. When I could take responsibility for my part, I became less of a victim of circumstance. As soon as you realise that your choice to behave a certain way has led to where you are now you can begin to choose a different path. You are back in control. I was able to make peace with myself, not be quite so hard on myself, a little more forgiving.

From this point I use the tarot cards to help me discover my own next steps, how to get out of this situation and move on to what I need to do to get to where I want to be. Having dealt with the how/why am I here questions which feel like therapy I move on to the what can I do next and how will I do it questions which feel much more akin to coaching.

Finding a tool that enabled me to access my own ‘therapy’ and provided a way to coach my way forward has been enormously empowering. To know that I can access my own wisdom and find the answers that I need rather than being given someone else’s advice is a game changer. I’ve learnt to trust my judgement more.

I am passionate about giving other people access to this tool. It has been seen as only for spiritual people or those interested in the ‘dark arts’ and in some way a bit seedy. Yet, it proves to be a very practical tool to learn more about yourself and how to reach your potential.

It’s a privilege to work with people with tarot. Being present when someone opens up and get really honest with themselves is an honour and when they begin to see a roadmap for future action it is exciting. This works in part because I assure every client of my confidentiality. The session is a safe space in which to have a collaborative conversation that moves you forward. At the end of the session clients have a better understanding of themselves, they are more able to make confident decisions and plan their next steps bolstered by the confidence that comes from knowing that you sorted this out yourself. You have the wisdom and the power!

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