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Celebrate your achievements.

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Card of the Month – December 2022 – The World

Well, here we are at the last card of the year, and I have drawn the last card from the major arcana – The World. So, we have some obvious synergy there already. Headline keywords here are completion, fulfilment, accomplishment, and success. This card has very positive connotations. When this card appears in a reading in a future position it’s an indicator that all will turn out well, you will be successful in your endeavours.

What do we see depicted on the card? Often a figure within a laurel wreath. The figure looks to be dancing within this symbol of success. So, we have celebrations as well. Celebrating success.

Clearly December is a time with the potential for a lot of celebrating and the coming together with family and friends for festive food and drink and fun. But what about on a more personal level?

Is it possible to take some time out and consider what success you have had this year? What things have been wins for you? What have you done for the first time? What challenges or struggles have you faced? Perhaps this year has been tough, and you are just pleased to get to the end of it and have survived!! Can you celebrate that in some way? Give yourself a pat on the back and raise a mug of Horlicks to the universe and shout ‘Thank f*@K that’s over!’

The Fool’s Journey is a way of considering the whole of the major arcana. The Fool, the first card in the deck, starts out on his journey naïve and innocent. As he meets the cards one by one, they teach him about the world. Firstly, the lessons relate to what he will experience in the outer world and later he is encouraged to go inwards and make a journey of self-discovery and awareness. Now, when he reaches the last card, he is ready to rejoin the world with this newly found knowledge and understanding. Indeed, the symbology of the figure on the card is literally stepping through the yoni shaped wreath to be reborn again. (A direct link back to the fertile Empress) At this time of year we are called upon to be social and visible and actively involved in the world. What can your contribution be?

The card often pictures 4 other characters to represent all the creatures of the world, the 4 elements and the 4 corners of the universe. The Fool has found her rightful place within the universe. Knowing herself more fully, being more accepting of herself. This card very much represents reaching your full potential, that might be in a work project, in love or in your sense of self-worth. We might even use big terms like self-actualisation, harmonising our inner and outer world and feeling at one with the cosmos. This self-actualisation has not come as an overnight success but rather a step-by-step process of inner and outer work towards the accomplishment of goals. This is the type of effortful work towards a successful completion that is recognised and respected by those who witness it.

Therefore, we have a situation that sustained effort towards change brings about acceptance of your present situation. So, celebrate it in whatever way feels fitting to you. Swinging off the chandeliers in full Versace, a big announcement on social media or a quiet contemplative walk to remind yourself that you put boundaries in place and carved out quiet alone time in the middle of a busy life.

The last stages of a project are sometimes the most frustrating, are there any loose ends that you need to tie up before signing off at the end of this year? Focus is more important than ever now. Are you excited to prepare space for a new stage? Is this a good time to prepare the ground to give you a good start into 2023? What are you curious to explore next?

Useful questions

Who am I now?

What are my goals?

How can I be more accepting of all parts of myself?

Gratitude (great as manifesting statements)

What I have been working towards has been achieved and I am celebrating my success with others.

I am grateful for all the success I have achieved so far.

I am ready to take my talents out into the world in service.

I wish you a happy end of year and look forward to sharing more tarot cards with you in 2023.

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