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How to be successful! We ask the King.

Card of the Month – February 2023 – King of Pentacles

This card is seen as a very positive sign that you will find success in your endeavours. It’s very often tied strongly to material or financial success. But, as with all of the court cards it can also be explored as a personality type. A facet of your own personality or of someone who has an influence at that time.

As a King archetype he is mature, experienced and adept in his field and this king’s field of expertise is his work. Wherever he puts his focus and passion, he is likely to be successful.

Pentacles are linked to the element of earth, and we find this king to be stable, grounded, practical and determined sometimes to the point of stubbornness. His authority and place on the throne was earned through hard work and determination over many years. He takes the responsibility of his position and the care of all in his kingdom seriously. This makes him a great provider for his family. He recognises that money can’t buy happiness but understands that it can provide safety, security, freedom and comfort. As an employer he knows that his success depends in part on the hard work and loyalty of his employees so treats them fairly and with respect. This person might not tell you that he loves you but he demonstrates it in his provision of safety and comfort.

Although his realm extends to include his family and possibly a business with staff, he knows exactly where his sphere of influence and responsibility ends. This is crucial to his success, wealth and happiness. He has invested time, energy and resources into his kingdom and has the wisdom to understand that it is not possible or sensible to attempt to control things outside of his dominion.

In essence, he stays in his own lane and is not overly concerned with what others are doing. Comparing his business or planted crops with someone else’s won’t help it to grow after all.

That is the lesson I need to hear this month. There is so much noise and distraction out there, particularly on social media, but the only way sure fire way to grow my success and happiness is to tend to my own garden. So, join me if you wish, in attending to our own needs. Paying attention to our energy, feelings, thoughts and behaviours and freeing up bandwidth to focus on forward progress.


What do I need to do to take care of myself right now? Go do it – that’s the behaviour of a successful king!


I will acknowledge the privileges I have.

I am grateful for the strong loving support that I receive from family and friends.


Make a plan to do the tasks needed to get you closer to your goals this month. Carve it up into bite sized chunks and get on with it!

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