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Keep on keeping on! The 7 of pentacles

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Card of the Month - 7 of pentacles.

For June I have the 7 of pentacles and at first sight the message is to be proud of your accomplishments, recognise how far you have come, now that you are beginning to see the fruits of your labours. That feels a bit premature for me and maybe that’s the point. The 7 of pentacles is about long term projects and is an instruction to step back and look at what you’ve achieved. When you are in the midst of things, just chipping away day by day, at a seemingly thankless task, it can be easy to miss the progress you are making. Consider how far you have come from the poverty and hardship of the 5 of pentacles and accepting the charity of others in the 6 of pentacles.

The number 7 references evaluation and potential and the character pictured often looks neither happy nor sad but instead is observing or examining. This is a good time to take stock. Am I on the right track? Do I need to do things differently to reach my goals? This is not the finish line but a way marker along the route. What can I do to feel inspired and motivated to do the necessary work shown in the 8 of pentacles? What hidden skill or insight gleaned from this evaluation will give me the boost I need to get me to the stage of completion and success shown in the 9 and 10 of pentacles?

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