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Nostalgia - helping to create your future.

Oh how perfect to have drawn the 6 of cups for December. A time of traditions and fun. Whether that is snow angels or Christmas carols. This card often comes as sweet relief after the 5 of cups or amongst other 'challenging' cards.

The 6 of cups usually has the keyword - nostalgia with it's overtones of sweetness and childhood innocence. Remembering back to simpler times and keeping that alive in tradition. The number 6 is very stable and references harmony and balance which is very welcome at any time of year but almost especially in December when we may be running on empty and yet still feeling the pressure to put on a show of family unity and abundance.

Christmas can be a very challenging time for a huge number of people and if family tensions are running high or someone special is missing it becomes even more heightened. Situations, emotions and relationships resurfacing from the past may be a lovely blast from the past or feel more like old wounds being reopened.

We can get this energy working for us in a number of ways:

Bring to mind the magic of Christmas for small children and acknowledge your own inner child in this. Do you have magical memories? How can you include playfulness and sparkle in your plans this month. Does it have to be adult and sophisticated or can you squeeze in a silly game and some home made decorations?

Reconciliation - when emotions surface about a relationship that has come adrift consider whether it might be time for forgiveness. Christmas cards are a great opportunity for a heartfelt message or a catching up with what's happened over the last year if there has been very little contact. Indeed these annual updates were the only way my mum used to know what was happening in the branch of the family who moved to Canada. Try reaching out to an old friend who you miss. Or invite connection by dropping a card through the door of someone you suspect may be lonely.

The imagery on the Rider Waite deck is of 1 child giving a vase of flowers to a smaller child. We don't have much context but we do pick up the sense of giving and sharing. The idea of giving the perfect gift with no expectation of something in return. Just for the pleasure of spreading joy. We can certainly get ourselves thoroughly tangled up in perceived pressure and expectation at this time. Simpler is very often better. Time spent with loved ones making memories.

Revisiting old places, friendships and traditions can help you understand your identity and feel strongly rooted in a place, family or culture. Knowing yourself well like this during times of unpredictability can give some emotional resilience. Indeed there is some evidence that nostalgia may actually make you feel warmer! Consider, what gifts and strengths come from your past? Where is your safe place? Where do you feel most comfortable?

I wish you a safe, happy and peaceful month.

Journal prompt: What are you grateful for from your past and what are you ready to leave behind.

Gratitude: I cherish memories of .............

Prayer: Please let my home be a place of joy and happy memories.

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