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Congratulations! You made it. What Will Your Next Chapter Look Like?

The World

The very last card of the major arcana signifying the last step on the Fool’s journey. The Fool, the hero, in our tale meets all the different majors along his path Some are teachers some are obstacles or challenges. He firstly learns from external input, then goes through a period of internal self-development in the search for identity and finally a phase of maturing and spiritual awareness. So, when he reaches the World we might consider self-actualisation, completion and fulfilment as the key themes.

The Rider Waite Smith deck pictures a winner’s laurel wreath as motif here and it may be the case that we have achieved or completed work in such a way that it is recognised or rewarded by others. Other decks feature a snake biting its tail illustrating an unending circle, upon reaching spiritual enlightenment you become one with the universe. Quite a big deal!

But of course that’s not all. This is a major card after all. There will always be another layer of meaning. See how the figure dances in celebration within the wreath not quite of this world or the next. Not in one place or another but instead a liminal moment, a doorway. On the one hand we recognise completion and on the other we say ‘what next?’

Like a bride who plans for months for her wedding and wakes up the following day realising they haven’t planned how to stay married. Or the student who studies hard, not daring to think past the exams to get to the finish line and feel suddenly aimless.

Are you able to see in your own life this dual natured moment? You are perfect and complete just as you are right now but, also capable of change and further growth. An acceptance of self and also what we are not.

This card is both the finish line and the starting block. As the last champagne cork hits the ground, you have to begin again. Life is made up of many cycles. At this in-between moment, anything is possible. Who will you grow to be during the next cycle?

How will you approach this next cycle? Will you begin again like a new born babe and make the same choices and mistakes or will you make a conscious effort to integrate all that you have learnt so far in order to avoid the potholes and do better?

Some thinking:

In order to feel a sense of completion do I have any loose ends to tie? Does anything need healing in order that I can move on?

What have I completed? What did I learn? What is ending?

How do I feel about the future? Am I stepping through with trepidation or excitement?

What new habits might I embed to live better in this next cycle?

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