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Time to plant a money tree

For January 2024 our card of the month is the 10 of pentacles.

When we see pentacles it is all to easy to immediately assume it's all about the money and at number 10 in the suits referencing completion or perfection it can be money to the max! But pentacles cover so much more than that.

The suit of pentacles is linked to the element of earth and covers tangible things. Money, assets, buildings, your family home, skills and resources and also, maybe even more importantly, your health.

So, 10 of pentacles, the full package. Hell, yes I'd like a slice of that, thank you very much!

This is not the type of health, wealth and security that just falls into your lap though. The seeds were sown long ago and carefully cultivated over time. Imagine a family who have passed wealth and property (and maybe even titles) from generation to generation. At each step they take advice for how best to maintain it. Or, an older couple who still enjoy good health and active holidays because they have kept up a healthy lifestyle of good nutrition and regular exercise over the decades.

This settled, secure and steadfast energy is almost the complete opposite of the constant change referenced by the Wheel of Fortune or the poverty and emotional lack felt by the 5 of pentacles. There is an old fashioned and carefully considered feel to this card. Indeed, the influence of older generations (older work colleagues or family members) is keenly felt here in shared resources that flow from one generation to the next, traditional values, sticking to the rules or being conventional. All admirable if, you are happy with that rule book. Terribly stifling though if you want to try something radically new, if you have a different political/cultural viewpoint or if the resources are withheld from you unless you agree to their terms. In this case, clashes between generations can be hugely damaging.

This card speaks to our innate need for security and safety both financially and in the sense of home and family.

So how on earth can I achieve that this month?!?

Let's be realistic - there is no magic bean.

However, what I can do is take stock of what I already have.

Take inventory of assets.

Make or update wills if needed.

Check bank balances including old savings accounts or ISAs that haven't been touched for a while.

Take the piggy bank/change jar/collection of 20 pence pieces to the bank.

This should help you embrace an abundance mindset.

Address any health issues now and work on preventing future health problems. Pilates and probiotics anyone?

Wealthier is the well man than the rich man with poor health.

Plan for future success.

Move money for better interest rates.

Make a plan to reduce debt and increase savings.

Take a course to improve career prospects or for the joy of learning and keeping mentally engaged.

Prioritise the tasks that will move you towards your goals over the tasks that are quick and easy.

Some questions to use in your private journaling this month:

Where do you feel most safe?

What does home mean to you?

Are you able to cultivate an inner sense of home? (Be your own safe space)

What can I learn from older members of my family/community?

What do I want my legacy to be?

What values do I want to pass on and how can I model them to younger generations?

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